Celebrated actress and comedian Jacky Vike lost her maternal grandmother recently and she was laid to rest on Friday March 1.

Vike says her grandmother died at the age of 96, but they are not sure if that was her exact age as they suspect she was over a hundred years old.

Hailing from Dandora, the actress noted that the elderly woman was good in Sheng.

“The Last Respect…My Grandma has rested at the age of 96, well we suspect its over a hundred because she did not know when she was born, alikua tu anasema “Nilizaliwa Wakati wa Mihogo “ 😊 My Mum’s Mother, Shosho yangu alikua Mtu wa mtaa mbaya! At 96 lakini anakupiga sheng vile inafaa, Ocha kwetu ilikua Dandora Sasa ata sina Reason ya kuenda Dondora often,” she shared on Instagram.

The mother of one used the opportunity to celebrate her grandmother’s life, adding that she would dearly miss her.

At the funeral, she was accompanied by her close friends and colleagues including Jacque Nyaminde who is popularly as Wilbroda,

“We buried her yesterday , it was nothing but a Celebration of a life well Lived. Rest Easy Alima Abdalla, you will be missed, NB: ignore the last two slides, Hawa Marafiki zangu hawakuangi serious ata kwa Matanga,” Vike said.

Fellow celebrities and fans joined hands in sending her as well as her family their heartfelt condolences.

Jacky has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She was propelled to fame after featuring in the popular TV series Papa Shirandula that used to air on Citizen TV.

In the show, she played the role of Awinja, a house girl from the village with a deep Luhya accent.

She is currently running her own YouTube series dubbed Disco Matanga, that was widely shot in her village home in Vihiga County.

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