Amber Ray

Kenyan business model Amber Ray, whose real name is Faith Makau, revealed in a show with Betty Kyallo that she has been divorced three times.

The businesswoman also commented on how it feels like dating in public. She thinks that when you are on a public eye you cannot hide your partner.

“mapenzi..aki ni mapenzi. when you are dating it’s so hard someone you are dating but it becomes easier when you are dating someone who is mature. Someone who is not dramatic.”

When asked about marriage and if she is planning to do a wedding ring with her current lover. She had a different view of marriage.

“Here is the thing, for me, where I am right now, am very very happy. When it comes to marriage ni poa when it comes to assurance. But I feel like two people should be together because of love. Not because of certificate. you know me I’ve been divorced three times. Imagine,” she disclosed.

Ray wanted the question of whether she is wedding soon to be asked to her partner because he’s the one who can decide to plan it.

Talking of what her husband is doing she said her husband is working hard to make money that is making her happy.


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On her part, she said she is a businesswoman, an investor in different businesses. She also shared her backfalls in business saying that Kenyans don’t support their own, making her not to associate herself directly to what she does.

Amber, talking of her kid’s birthday, expressed how special she wanted it to be. She decided to go public with her dating partner after fans questioning about their appearance in public together.

“We met through a mutual friend, but we didn’t present ourselves to you guys, like you know we were never…we didn’t plan to go public that’s all but sasa sa zile mmeenda date mahali people know Amber is single, when they see me with a guy who is good looking..and then we had now to accept you know what, we can’t lie we are seeing each other.” She narrated.

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