Kenya’s cinematic king, Abel Mutua, popularly known as the ‘The Director,’ has revealed that he kissed actress and model Sarah Hassan.

In an interview with Mic Cheque Podcast, Mutua admitted to kissing the award-winning actress while they were acting together.

The two were among the crew of the famous TV show Tahidi High. He describes her as gentle and polite.

” Tanya, that is Sarah Hassan, was very polite, but during our final episode, I said to myself, ‘Oh my God, this girl has been evading me for so long.’

In the second part of our final scene, I gave her a serious kiss in class,” Abel Mutua disclosed.

The cinematic king was part of the writing team for the show. This raises eyebrows as he may have set up a trap for the said kiss.

He said that it was in an unavoidable circumstance since the scene required them to kiss.

“Oh my God. Now, how could you refuse when the script demanded it,” Abel delightfully opened up.

Sarah Hassan, a former TV presenter acted alongside Mutua in the show ‘Tahidi High’. It was during this time that the two rose into fame. Sarah has since featured in notable shows like Zora, Crime and Justice etc.

Sarah Hassan

The mother of one recently said those who are eying her sons shouldn’t try to shoot their shots as she is not there to connect anyone.

Abel Mutua on the other side launched a YouTube channel becoming a digital creator.

In his channel, Abel uses it to narrate stories for the purpose of entertaining, educating and informing.

The content creator once said he has a passion to helping others indentify themselves and become better in life.

“My passion is helping others realize their passions and dreams so that they can live a descent and fulfilling life,” Mutua stated.

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