khalif Kairo

Renowned Kenyan entrepreneur and pilot Khalif Kairo has responded to allegations that he is touring the world to heal from heartbreak.

Replying to a comment from one of his followers on X, the car dealer clarified that he is not heartbroken. He also said that he was only heartbroken once, and that was in the year 2018.

“Bro, your healing process from a heartbreak is on another level. Umesema stress yote iishie angani,” the follower commented.

“Mm siyuko heartbroken, the last time a girl broke my heart was 2018. Saa hii najibamba tu uku SA kidogo nikiskuma tubiashara,” Kairo replied.

In another comment that seems to relate to the one with allegations of him under healing process, Khalif Kairo clarified that he has been flying since 2019.

“Hahaha it’s obvious you heartbroken and trying to mask it with all these things,” another follower commented.

“What things? Bungee jumping? did that last year sept Flying helicopters? I do that every month flying planes? been flying since 2019 almost weekly Travelling? I spend at least one week every month outside Kenya I mean this is my life, bana am Kairo,” he responded.

However, this heated chat didn’t end there, the entrepreneur goes on to boast on how he can never be heartbroken again. He relates to many difficulties of life he has had before, and that they have harden him not to be shaken by a breakup.

“I think I have been through so many bad things that I have very low expectations from people. The end result is it takes alot for somebody to disappoint me or “break my heart”. I have lost everything a man could lose and rebuilt myself. Nothing under the sun fazes me,” Kairo affirmed.

Khalif Kairo has been trending on X since he announced his breakup with Cera Imani last month. He has been on his toes trying to make netizens believe he truly ended the relationship.

He recently posted his photo with a lady pilot whom he revealed her name to be Iggy from Rwanda.

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