The Council of Art, Census, Film and Culture of Zanzibar(BASSFU) banned vibrant singer Zuhura Othman Soud, better known by her stage name Zuchu, from performing any art activities in the islands of Zanzibar for a period of six months.

This is after she violated Zanzibar’s culture and traditions during the Full moon Kendwa festival that was held in the Northern Region of Unguja in February 24, this year. Zuchu allegedly made remarks and showed bad signs during the festival.

In addition, Zuchu has been fined TZS 1 million for performing in the Island without a required permit and not being registered under BASSFU. Her songs were also banned from being played on radios and televisions in Zanzibar for the period. The council further directed her to write a letter of apology and confirm that she will not repeat the offence.

“The Council is responsible for managing the customs, traditions, customs and culture of Zanzibari. Therefore, the council bans Zuchu from doing any artistic activity for a period of six months from today, March 5, 2024. We have taken this action from her habit of singing songs that have no morals, don’t follow the rules and are not healthy for the Zanzibari community,” said Omar Abdalla, the Executive Secretary of the Council.

Diamond kneels on stage begging Zuchu for forgiveness in surprise move [Video]

Following the ban, Zuchu has since issued an apology over her actions.

“Napenda kutumia fursa hii kuwaomba radhi kuwaomba radhi kutokana na maneno niliyoyatumia kwenye kibwagizo ambacho kilileta taharuki kwenye tamasha la full moon party hivi karibuni,” she said.

Zuchu also visited the National Arts Council(BASATA) and was issued with a copy code of ethics in arts.

The sukari hitmaker performed in Zanzibar alongside Diamond Platinumz, who is also her boss and lover. Diamond used the opportunity to apologize to her publicly, as they had broken up days prior to the show.

The father of five admitted that Zuchu has a good heart and is a very a good woman with a pure heart.

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