A woman in Nigeria has caused mixed reactions online after she reportedly dropped her child with the groom in the offertory bowl  during his wedding to another woman as wedding guests and the clergy watched in disbelief.

The man in question was identified as Mr. Sampson Etim Usanga and he had sired a male child with his ex- girlfriend  Comfort Solomon.

The messy story went viral after a Facebook user shared the story on his page.

He revealed that the incident happened at a church wedding ceremony at Nkari in Ini Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria.

He narrated that the wedding ceremony took a wild turn after the pastor announced the time for the offering.

Comfort matched majestically to the front and dropped her son in the offertory bowl and walked out.

”Proceedings at the wedding ceremony of Mr and Mrs Sampson Etim Usanga were going smoothly at Nkari in Ini Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State”.

“Until offering time when the estranged girlfriend of the groom, Comfort Solomon, came out and dropped the baby boy she bore for him in the offering basin.” he wrote on his social media page.

Netizens flocked the comment section with opinions on the messy wedding saga. Some expressed their anger at the mother for subjecting her son to humiliation while others blasted the man for getting married knowing that he had a few months old baby with someone else.

”The face of the best man said it all. He is like What did I just see?”

”Did the bride know? she is standing there with a frown.”

”She could not even wait for the part where the pastor asks for anyone willing to stop the marriage to come forward. Homegirl was on the go.”

”Fear women this is undiluted violence!” netizens commented.




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