Singer Willy Paul has been angered by a celebrity who allegedly infected, a woman, he referred to as “sister”, with HIV/AIDS.

According to him, the celebrity in question has been targeting women aged below 25 and some are not aware of his health status.

Willy Paul called for legal action against the suspected celebrity, although he didn’t provide any details about him.

“You have infected innocent souls girls with some still unaware. The last one you infected is a sister. You should be in prison boss you know yourself,” he shared on Insta stories.

Willy Paul also went ahead to caution party going women, advising to also get tested to know their status.

“Na nyinyi madem wa club na form shauri yenu. Go get yourselves checked. To the lucky ones wacheni tamaa,” he cautioned.

Screenshot of Willy Paul’s story.


In the recent days, the Saldido Records owner has been targeting women with words of advise. Last weekend, he called upon women to use the right channels to get money, urging them to avoid wealthy guys.

“Women sio lazima form, kama hauna pesa kaaa home! Avoid hawa marafiki wa akona gari we’re picking you up. Social media pressure isikuue please. Go out there and hustle the right way. Hii mambo ya shortcuts ndio itamake life yako short. It’s never too late to start afresh,” he said.


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