The sister of the late Gen. Francis Ogolla, Peres Onyango, fulfilled his wish of playing his favorite song during his funeral ceremony.

The sister invited Ogolla’s favorite musician on the stage who led in the song, just as her brother had instructed her.

In her speech, she admitted that Ogolla was the beloved child that they sometimes punished him for it.

“Gen was a special child in our family. Our mother really loved him more than us so sometimes we could just prick his head because he was loved too much because we were being beaten and he was not being beaten. My brother is a kind man, loyal man, very dedicated, committed to everything he does. He did things to perfection. My brother was a good Christian, a servant of God. He walked the talk. He did his best in Christian life and life in general,” he said.

In their regular encounters,  the sister further revealed that Ogolla consistently told her three things.

“Number one; he told me Peres, a soldier can die any time so if I die, I need to be buried with 48 hours. I said what do you mean  and he said Peris I know you you can give them problems so I am adding you more hours, let it be 72 hours.

“The second thing he told me, he took me to the graveside and he told me this is where I would be buried when I die. The third thing he told me; When I die after burial, Jeshi to give Mama Achieng’ (his wife) money to go for holiday so Jeshi you have work to do. Mama Achieng’ must go on holiday. Three things,” Peres said.

Below is the video of Ogolla’s favorite song.



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