Ukur Yattani

Former Treasury CS Ukur Yattani  has been arrested by the Ethics and Anti-corruption officers.

Yattani was arrested after EACC officials raided his home in Marsabit early morning on Wednesday April 24, 2024.

“He has been nabbed and will be brought to the Integrity Centre,”EACC head of communications Eric Ngubi told the press.

Yattani, who was the former governor of Marsabit before assuming the Treasury CS position during Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration,  has been arrested in connection to a Kshs8.2 billion graft case.

EACC officials also raided his home in Nairobi.

The homes of Marsabit Governor Mohamud Ali  were also not spared. Sources indicated that Mohamud will be ferried to EACC’s office in Isiolo for processing and further interrogation in connection with the ongoing investigations in the multi-billion scandal.

Another source intimated that crucial documents have been obtained during the raid.

“Both their homes (Yatani and Mohammud) in Nairobi and Marsabit counties were raided on Wednesday, April 24 morning and it’s believed crucial documents were carted away during the raid,” the source said.

Before landing the appointment in the Treasury ministry, Ukur Yattani was first appointed as Labour CS in Uhuru’s administration.


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