Nick Odhiambo

Hot 96 Radio presenter Nick Odhiambo has found himself at the centre of drama over an old screenshot just days after his traditional wedding ceremony.

Netizens decided to bring up the screenshot, that saw Odhiambo get trolled mercilessly years ago.

The screenshot, that was taken from a WhatsApp group that Odhiambo was a member, indicated that a member identified as Byron send a photo of a woman in a compromising situation.

Reacting to the photo, Odhiambo said, “Byron where did you get this pic… that’s my wife.”

Byron responded to Odhiambo admitting that there was a mistake that had happened.

“Makosa imefanyika,” he said,

Screenshot that has seen Nickj Odhiambo trend again


The resurfacing of the scandalous photo has since seen Nick Odhiambo on top of the trending topics, as other decided to reach to him oh his mobile number.

Due to the pressure, Odhiambo has been forced to address the viral photo.

“Mumesema mwanaume hawezi kaa happily married for more than 24hrs? Who hurt you.. That trending pic is from 10years ago. And a cropped screenshot. I was wondering why people are calling my No. and hanging up all day today,” he said.

In his tweet, he also shared a link of a 2018 article that clarified the matter.

In the article it was revealed that the whole ‘sex scandal’ was a joke, and the earlier screenshot had not captured the whole conversation. The writer further reported that another screenshot with the full conversation revealed that Odhiambo wasn’t familiar with the woman in the photo.

“Hehe..I’m playing…simjui huyo dada,” he said.

Odhiambo married his long term lover Annie Sumbeywo in a flashy traditional wedding last weekend.

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