Allegations of a multi-billion-shilling heist from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) have ignited fury in Parliament, with lawmakers drawing their impeachment swords against Treasury CS Njuguna Ndung’u.

Reports surfaced yesterday suggesting billions meant for grassroots development projects under the CDF program have vanished, triggering outrage and demands for accountability. MPs across the political divide united in a chorus of condemnation, vowing swift action against the alleged malfeasance.

Leading the charge was Tongaren MP John Chikati, who accused CS Ndung’u of “gross incompetence and outright theft” of public funds. “We will impeach him very well,” Chikati declared during the day break show at Citizen TV, adding that the missing billions represented a brazen assault on the development aspirations of ordinary Kenyans.

Mbeere North MP Geoffrey Ruku echoed Chikati’s sentiments, calling Ndung’u a “crybaby” lacking the managerial acumen to steer the ministry responsibly. “CS Ndung’u knows very well that in January students open; he is so erratic,” Ruku stated, highlighting the urgency of the issue given the impact on education projects.

“If Treasury CS Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u is unable to do his job, he should resign because one of his key roles as CS treasury is liability management of the country. We will not allow him to fail the president,’ he noted.

The CDF, a controversial yet popular program, channels funds directly to constituencies for local development initiatives. This makes it a prime target for corruption, a reality that has haunted the program throughout its existence.

Adding fuel to the fire is the ongoing delay in disbursing CDF funds for the current financial year. While President Ruto had promised release by the end of 2023, no monies have materialized, further fueling suspicion and  MPs’ wrath.

The threatened impeachment move comes with a seven-day ultimatum for CS Ndung’u to “pay up or face a censure motion.” Should the MPs follow through, Ndung’u would become the first Cabinet Secretary to face impeachment in the Ruto administration, sending a strong message of zero tolerance for financial impropriety.

Whether the impeachment threat translates into reality remains to be seen. However, the CDF episode has undoubtedly opened a Pandora’s box of questions about transparency and accountability within the government, potentially snowballing into a major political storm in the coming days.

The Kenyan public, long plagued by the spectre of graft, will be watching closely as this saga unfolds, hoping that their elected representatives finally deliver on their promise of cleaning up the corridors of power.

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