Tanzanian Gospel singer Christina Shusho has revealed that she was married off by her parents at the tender age of 19 yrs, just after completing form four.

Shusho got married as a teen because her mother was worried that she would slide and bring her family shame, because she was very beautiful, and many men were eyeing her

“Nimeolewa nikiwa na miaka 19, very young nilipomaliza my education form four mama alivyoniona niko nyumba and i was this beautiful girl, aki usinione hivi nivile nimechoka nikipita hivi kuna jamaa wanatoa macho. So nikimaliza shule my mother was so scared kwamba  huyu binti akikaa hapaa asiharibike so akapitaa tu jamaa akasema nimempenda mtoto wenu nataka kumuoa mama   akasema chukua chukua asituharibikie, ” she shared at a function recently.

Shusho, at the time, didn’t know anything about love and was just a victim of circumstances .

“I’m here to testify I didn’t  know anything about love,”she admitted.

Proceeding to  air out the various challenges she went through, Shusho said that the  being married in a family where she had to cook and clean for ten grown men living in one house making her question whether she was someone’s wife or she was simply a maid.

“10 men around now this girl 19 miaka kumi na tisa ameolewa nine men ten men around i was in a business of cooking yaani kazi yangu ni kuwapikia ,kuwafulia na  kuandaa kila kitu  was i a wife or a maid ?.she stated.

These revelation coming out just after she and her husband separated because she singer wanted to focus on her calling ,although the speculations online might paint that there was a rift between her and her ex-husband shusho has rubished the claims by stating that their separationwas mutual and respectful sighting that they both reached an agreement .

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