The African popstar Nadia Mukami has said that she loves children so much and if she had time, she would be giving birth every now and then.

Speaking during mother’s day celebrations, courtesy of her foundation Lola and Safari, the mother of one admitted that her experience in motherhood has gotten better as compared to the earlier stages.

During the firs stages of motherhood, Nadia says she was afraid  and considered never having children again.

“When people say it gets better with time, that’s so true coz the first one and a half years it was bad, mpaka nikasema mimi sitawahi have mtoto tena. Later on mtoto akianza kukimbia, kuongea, siku hizi anajiexpress it feels good am like ama nizae mwingine? Juzi I saw some expectant lady am like anakaa vizuri, I miss this experience. It is not that bad, venye watu humake it. Kitu watu hawapendi ni ile kufungiwa but I don’t think ni kufungiwa, what you have to do is choose a good partner and also make sure you are stable, umeheal usipee mtoto wako trauma,” she said

Arrow Bwoy on the other hand joked about Nadia being pregnant again, saying that he had already spotted some signs.

“Amekua akitapikatapika akikula akianza kusema tumbo inabloat pia ni some signs ama ni kushiba,” the father of one joked.

Nadia however said that she is not pregnant and is not ready for a second born currently.

“Maybe in the next one or two years juu sahi niko na projects nafanya so si sahi,” she said

At the same time, Arrow Bwoy also send her a special message, vowing to never stop loving her.

“Nadia, baby I love you so much bila wewe sijui ningekuwa wapi. Nilikuwa bad man ukanigeuza nikakuwa soft boy. Wanasema hakuna mkate ngumu mbele ya chai, nilikuwa mgumu ukanibofyabofya sasa mambo ni kolekole. I am so happy, Happy Mothers’ Day. Thank you for giving me that title of a dad. Without youI would not be a dad, I am gonna love you forever mimi na Kai tunakupenda sana

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