Mulamwah has recalled an incident when he was fooled, when he was still an upcoming artist.

During an episode shared on his wife’s YouTube account, Mulamwah said that he was left embarrassed and would never forget that moment

“On the fateful day, I received a call from a phone number that had so many zeros. Nikasema hii nimeangukia deal ya mamilion. The caller  told me, ‘Hello Mulamwah we are a company we are looking for you we want to give you a billboard endorsement.” Nikasema nimeangukia, yaani unaamini hii sura yangu na billboard kabisaa,” he narrated.

Since the deal was so good, Mulamwa sought  his friend to accompany him to the place where he was to sign the deal. In order to look presentable and worth it, the duo hired a car and decided that they would bargain from Kshs1 million.

“We hired a Mercedes Benz at Kshs8,000 and wore suits. I told the guy that he would pose as my manager. We artists really suffer. We decided that when we arrive there we will be serious and tighten our tongues, whether they want us on Newspapers, billboards or Social Media, it was upon them to tell us,” the father of two said.


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Despite quoting a high price, Mulamwah however noted  that they were clueless about how such business are conducted.

“When we arrived at the meeting point, the guy spotted us and from a storey building. We asked him which office we should go to and he asked if we were the ones in red. He said, ‘ I have seen you you look nice, does the car belong to you?’ He then told us to get two eggs each from a vendor who was by the side and go home that there was no such deal, he just wanted to see us. Wewe jamaa ulaaniwe! I still have his number I am yet to be done with you. I will bring you to Mombasa,” he said.



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