For the past three weeks, renown commentator Cassypool Capon has been on tour in Europe courtesy of gospel musician Bunny Asila.

The former presidential aspirant, who often refers to himself as ‘Chawa wa Rais’ joined Asila and other individuals for a gospel music tour.

They have since returned to the country with Cassypool revealing that he cried after witnessing Asila’s concerts, calling out upcoming gospel artists whom he said were scornful.

“Watoto wadogo wenye wametoa ngoma mbili tatut nne tano, tuhit song tuwili tatu wanataka kusumbua watu wanasema hao ndio wako. Ati kuna mtu nis star Kenya, star kitu gani? Mimi vitu nimeona Bunny amefanya Europe nililia machozi. Tulilia 30 minutes, tunaona nini. Wazungu wamejaa, wanacebrate Gospel 1 Europe. Unakuja hapa Kenya unapata vijana wadogo wenye wamehit mpaka Salgaa wanaleta madharau. Si tulilia ndugu yangu? Lazima tuheshimu watu wetu,” he said in an interview.

The founder and CEO of Jitume Nation added that he was going to collaborate with Asila as well as renown Kenyan Pastors to revive the Kenyan gospel musician, which he said would bring discipline among Kenyans.

“Gospel will make Kenyans stop being rude, contemptuous, Kenyan women will stop the bad characters that they have because they have abandoned the church,” he said.

At the same time, he denied clout chasing with President William Ruto’s name while in Europe after telling the crowd that the head of state and first lady had send their greetings.

“Huwezi kujiita chawa wa rais kama wewe si chawa wa rais. Kazi yangu na jukumu langu ni kuhakikisha kwamba tumeuza nchi ya Kenya nje na watu wameijua. We took the president and first lady’s greetings to the Europeans, they know that our president and first lady love the church. If you see me any where, I stand as the presidents louse and I represent him. The president knew when I left and now he is aware that I have returned,” Cassypool said.

He however declined to respond to a question on the last time he spoke to the president saying, ” Waste of time, we have a lot of things to do.”

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