Siah Wanja, a Kenyan lady has taken to her X account to narrate her encounter with a Turkish man she met on an online dating app- Tinder.

She joined Tinder with an aim of getting herself a man. Several men met her caliber, had meetings with them but didn’t get to advance stages with them.

The Turkish man started by sending her a good amount of money after talking for three days. He then invited her to Turkey.

“Man and after talking, he requested for a video call to see if I’m real!.. his pictures were screaming ‘Rich’ and his bio was just on point..,” Siah shared.

Wanja, who was taken off by his photos and bio in the first place had already fallen in love with the man. She knew the man was rich and she could not afford to fumble him.

On trusting him, Wanja agreed to the request of the man of visiting him in Turkey. This was too fast, but Siah thought it was because of the riches of the man.

After few days, Wanja got the tickets which she verified them and find them all good. Excited, she shared the news to some of her friends as she was eagerly waiting for her flight.

He had promised Wanja that he will take her for clothes shopping, so she didn’t have the need of carrying her own. The man also showed her the hotel they would spend their good time.

Wanja landed in Esen Boga airport, and she was received with flowers, a warm hug and went to his car where his driver was waiting them.

“Found him waiting for me with flowers, hugged me and went to his car where the driver was waiting for me. Immediately, he seized my phone and passport and turned cold.. took me to a small apartment where I found a lot of black ladies who he had lured.” Siah wrote.

It was too late that Wanja learnt that she was going to be her sex slave. She had no phone to call for help.

Narrating her sad experience, Siah urged ladies to be careful with their decisions online. She had to abide to the man’s demand of selling her body for two years.


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