Stevo Simple Boy

Kenyans have expressed concerns about the wellbeing of Stevo Simple Boy after he fainted while being interviewed on Citizen TV during the 10 over 10 show on Friday night.

The interview began well with Stevo responding to questions from the host Azeezah Hashim. Seconds later he couldn’t keep up and he could be seen holding onto his knees for support. He then lost balancing and fell on the floor leaving the audience in shock.

The programme was forced to go on break as the crew handled the situation.

Minutes later Azeezah confirmed that Stevo was doing well after the shocking incident.

“We had our super star Stevo Simple Boy alikuwa amecome through and unfortunately he wasn’t feeling so well and an update is very important. Unajua mataa ni mingi hapa, joto kiasi, energy ni mingi but we just want you to know that he is getting well. We will make sure mumeona yuko sawa na kila kitu kiko sawa kabisa  Stevo Simple Boy ako barida kabisa na atarudi na kama hatarudi we will get him on call,” the host said.

Stevo also took to his IG to speak on his status. He admitted that he has been undergoing stress lately after being dumped by his manager ChingiBoy Mstado.

“Meneja rudi tupige kazi. Nimeishiwa nguvu watu wasitukosanishe. Stress inanipiga mpaka naanguka kwa stage nikiperform. Mnataka kuniharibia meneja,” the pained singer said and further called out  Cartoon 47.

“Cartoon 47 wewe ndio mtu wa kwanza hunijali unanitumia. Sijasahau kitu ulinifanyia Mombasa. Nimenyamaza wewe ni mtu mbaya sana,” the rapper said.

Also recently, Stevo revealed that he had split with his wife Grace Atieno, whom he loved so much. This because Grace got pregnant for another man and she didn’t face him to tell him the truth.

Stevo said that he would remain single in the meantime as he heals from the heartbreak, admitting that many women wanted him but most of them were after fame and money.


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