In as much as clout chasing has become part and parcel of music and entertainment industry, Kambua is one person who has chosen not to involve herself with such.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the gospel singer revealed why she doesn’t associate with clout chasing, tactics that are aimed at driving traffic to projects.

“I don’t believe in clout chasing. I stay way from anything that looks like drama, because I do not want my message to be lost in the theatrics,” she said.

At the same time, she shed light on the meaning of her children’s names saying that she trusts her husband Pastor Jackson Mathu with the responsibility.

According to her, the names of her children, Nathaniel, Malakai and Natalie were deliberate.  Nathaniel means Gift of God and Malakai a messenger of God . As for their daughter named Natalie, it was just an adornment of the name and chose it to complement Nathaniel while ensuring it was suitable for a girl.

Kambua added that her children are talented in music and she is committed to nurture their musical talents.

“All my children are very musical. I want to nurture their musical talents. I want them to learn instruments. I want them to learn to sing, I want them to express themselves in the way they feel best because I have noticed how much they gravitate to music. So I want to nurture that. I am confident that my children will be far better musicians than I am,” she said.

Concerning her ministry, Kambua feels it narrows down to women’s hearts and would like the girls to put it in mind that girls can be what they want without being limited .

Kambua would like to be remembered as one who participated in lighting the candle of hope to generations through her inspiring songs. In addition to that,  she shared encouraging words that no matter how close an individual interacts with grief there is life beyond it .


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