Khaligraph Jonnes has joked about his looks, leaving his fans in stitches.

During an interview with content creators, the legendary rapper was asked if he has any plans for his fans before the years comes to an end.

In his response, Khaligraph insinuated that not even his looks are good for the fans.

He however said that he has a song ready but he is unable to release it because of his tight schedule.

“Mi sina sura mzuri ati yenye mtaangalia mnafurahia kwa internet. I know how I look like lakini mtaniona tu na hio sura yangu mbaya tutaendelea hapo tu..I am performing right now . I was going to release a song this week but hio nitaisukuma tu mpaka next year coz mambo ni mengi. Niko na projects nyingi najaribu kufanikisha  kabla mwaka iishe ndio next year nianze on a clean slate. Lakini saa hizi tunapiga tu mashow na kujaziliajazialia tunaokota  pesa hapa kule,” he said.

At the same time commented on Kendric Lamar’s Rwandan concert, while bashing the Kenyan government for not supporting artists.

“I think this thing goes down to our government. If you dig deep try to find information why Kendrick is performing in Rwanda it has probably everything with the governbment nd president. But here in Kenya, once an election passes, the government distances itself with artists, when that happens, bringing Kendrick Lamar here needs the government’s assistance, I am pretty sure we stream those songs(Lamar’s and the rest) than Rwanda but we will never see those people here.  Whether we like it or not that is how the world is, until the government stops mistreating us, but I am an optimistic person, I hope that in future that changes,” hesaid.

Khaligraph further noted that the current government is not for the youths.


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