Mumias East Constituency Mp Peter Salasya has revealed that he dropped out of school in class four for two years to work in sugar industries to in a bid to get easy money.

During an interview at Tv 47 with Betty Kyallo Salasya revealed that his stubbornness was the reason he dropped out of school for two years.

“When I was growing, I didn’t have a lot of things and that is why I was never serious with life. I was very stubborn and that is why when I started school I didn’t see the need for education. I decided to put school aside at class four and went to work in jaggaries (sugar industries). ” Salasya said.

Salasya said hard life was a contributory factor to his decision of dropping out adding that he never thought he would have climbed the social ladder the way he did.

During the interview he shed light into why he has dipped deep into the social media.

“I love social media, it gave me a platform. I remember when I was campaigning I didn’t have anyone to manage my socials. I was my own manager, my blogger. Saa ingine I’d give someone my phone to record me during my campaigns.” Salasya said.

He however said that he would face challenges as he was running a one man show making it difficult for him to do everything by himself.

“Saa ingine nilikua napea mtu anirecord lakini kama ni opponent ukimaliza anadelete kila kitu. Lakini nikipata mzuri anihurumie ananichukua tu alafu naenda kwa club kwa free wifi naaza kuziedit nikizituma.” He added.


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Peter Kelerwa Salasya was born in January 1989, attended Shanderema Primary School before joining Lubinu High School in Kakamega county in 2006.

He is a first-time MP, having joined Parliament after the August 9, 2022 General Election.

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