Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja says his administration will introduce a policy that seeks to curb cases of harassment to traders by city county inspectorate, commonly referred to as kanjos.

Speaking during the state of the county address on April 4, the county boss suggested the introduction of body cameras will curb harassment and the attack on the officers by some traders.

“We’re introducing a policy to have our inspectorate officers to wear body camera. I’m asking our MCAs to support us when it is brought before the house,” said Sakaja.

He maintained that obstruction of his officers by the public while they on duty will not be tolerated.

“Obstruction of government officers fulfilling their mandate is a crime punishable by law and will be dealt with firmly. The people of Nairobi affirmed they desired a city of order. Order will be maintained,” Sakaja said.

He added that those who are willing to record the officers while on their duties should do so, ruling out his earlier directives that those recording them should be arrested.

“To set the record straight, and to be clear there is no problem recording officers as they perform their duties, if anything it increases accountability, however what will not be accepted is obstruction or incitement of wananchi against them as they perform their duties. Order will be established and maintained,” he added

The governor said despite the improvements made in the inspectorate sector, which ended running battles between hawkers and kanjos in the streets, some people were turning against his officers.

“We have had unfortunate incidents where some of our officers have been attacked in the line of duty. This is unacceptable. It will not be tolerated. We must let our enforcement officers do their work.” He said

Also, the governor said the county will introduce an enforcement application platform to allow the officers and residents to interact.

“The county government has developed an enforcement app that will allow targeted and efficient interaction with our clients, aiming to encourage compliance. The era of county askaris raiding business premises and harassing traders is gone. We neither tolerate it nor accept it.”

He also asked the MCAs to live true to their promise to help bring order in the city by not politicising arrests against lawbreakers.

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