Ruger, a well-known musician from Nigeria, has stated that he initiates romances after two days and doesn’t ask his partner; instead, he just allows things to happen.

He openly admitted in an interview recently that he stopped asking his partners to be his girlfriend as he just lets them find out by themselves.

”I’ve started relationships in like two days. Well I don’t ask like that I just let things play out until you realize,” he said in the interview

When he was asked how the significant other would know, he said that they would know because he would be all over them.

”Because I’m on you everyday, I’m the type of person who like being on calls with my girl, understand I sleep on calls with my girl,” he continued.

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In a previous podcast, he did a while back, he also discussed his romantic state.

He revealed that he had previously had relationships with a number of women, both black and white.

His frank statement caused several listeners to take notice, especially when he hinted that if given the chance, he may pursue a love relationship with well-known DJ Cuppy.

This happened when the singer grinned and said, “I go run am,” in response to the hosts’ lighthearted question about whether he would be brave enough to ask DJ Cuppy out on a date.

He also stated that he no longer engages in toxic behaviours and expressed a desire to make a commitment to just one person.

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