Finance Bill

Renown musician Willy Paul has met the shocker of his life after going through the 2024 Finance Bill.

Willy Paul urged his fans on Instagram to also go through the Finance Bill revealing that it was out to finish Kenyans.

“Go read the 2024 Finance Bill, my God…Kwisha,” the shocked musician said.

This comes shortly after he revealed that he was planning to relocate to Germany but will still rule the Kenyan music industry.

Willy Paul is not the only artist who seems to be objecting the Finance Bill. Maandy, a well-known musician, urged her followers to join the campaign, #RejectFinanceBill2024, by individually calling their local Members of Parliament and urge them to vote against it.

Kenyans  ganged to oppose the financial bill, citing it as an oppressive measure against hustlers and the working class as a whole.

They have called and texted their local MPs in response to Amerix’s move on X, where he released the phone numbers of MPs cautioning them against passing the finance bill.

Comedian Eric Omondi has also been vocal in opposing the Financial Bill, and he stated in an interview with Jeff Koinange on Citizen that Kenyans will protest if the government approves it.

” If the Finance Bill passes, it is not going to be business as usual. The government will not have a peaceful sleep at night. If they think it is going to be just yet another day that they pass another finance act, we are going to take action, we are going to go to the streets,” he said.

He continued by saying that the administration shouldn’t count on a smooth ride since the Kenyan people will also be petitioning the president to stop traveling as much and to cut back until the country’s economy stabilizes.

”When the Finance Bill 2024 passes, the government should not expect that it is going to be a free ride. We are petitioning the President of Kenya to travel 5 times a year until the economy of Kenya is stabilized,” he added.

Senator Omtatah also seeks to stop MPs from deliberating the Finance Bill 2024 which proposes new taxes.

“We seek the court to issue conservatory orders suspending the consideration by the National Assembly, in any form whatsoever of the Finance Bill 2024, which was published in Nairobi on May 9, 2024, in the Kenya Gazette No. 102 of 2024,” Omtatah and Matindi state in their court papers.

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