Content creator Shorn Arwa has left Kenyans talking after revealing that she has flown back to Kenya just to board a matatu.

The London-based Kenyan said that the last time she boarded one was 10 years ago, and she recently craved for a matatu ride after coming across on TikTok that Kenya has beautiful matatus.

“A little story time. I was on TikTok the other day and I saw something about how Kenya has very beautiful matatus. Instantly I started craving matatu ride. It is been almost 10 years manze,” Shorn said on Instagram. “So I booked a flight to Kenya later on.”

At the airport, Shorn says she questioned herself if she was actually coming to Kenya just for a matatu ride.

The mother one arrived in Kenya on Tuesday morning, and hoped that she would have ridden on a matatu by Wednesday.

“So got here this morning very exhausted and there was no matatu. Maybe kesho ama jioni. I will go matatu driving,” she said.

Kenyans are however speculating that she didn’t come just for a matatu ride.

“Kenyan man ndio mnaita matatu,”  a netizen said.

“Utamu wa matatu ni kukalia sambaza. She doesn’t know how it slaps kukalia sambaza,” another said.

Others  however suggested that she was just seeking attention because of her content.

“Mnakuanga na ufala huyu alipanga trip juu ya content akaona aseme anakuja kupanda matatu watu si wajinga banaa,” another said.

Others said that life in London had become unbearable for her because she is always complaining.

Shorn relocated to the United Kingdom with her Nigerian husband back in April 2023


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