Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza recently shared heartfelt birthday messages to her husband, MureGa Baichu, igniting a wave of emotion across the nation.

In a touching tribute, Governor Mwangaza affectionately referred to her husband as mverified among other loving titles.

“Happy birthday my M’verified. Commander of Ameru Airwaves. Professional Husband. My Chief executive Advisor. Most Handsome and Favoured Man in Africa. ❤️ of myself. My Room mate. My M, Permanent. First Gentleman Himselfu,” she wrote.

Baichu responded with a simple yet profound message, stating, “professional husband is happy.”

This isn’t the first time Governor Mwangaza has publicly celebrated her husband’s birthday.

Last year, she penned a similar affectionate note, expressing her love with endearing terms like; “Medicine, Handsome, wisdom, king, Highest quality, Romeo Integrity, Power, Ambassador, apostle, sweetheart, property, Commander of Ameru Airwaves, Best, Guitar Man, Murega Baichu Himself. Love you.”

However, Governor Mwangaza’s public displays of affection for her husband have not been without controversy. Late last year, she caused a stir by naming a rehabilitated road after her husband, leading to accusations of nepotism and even an attempted impeachment, which she narrowly survived.

In August 2023, a petitioner alleged that the governor had diverted public funds through suspicious payments to relatives and close aides, further complicating her public image.

Despite facing scrutiny in her governance, Governor Mwangaza continues to share glimpses of her personal life with the public. Recently, she took to social media to showcase photos of her family mansion, highlighting a message of faith and determination.

Captioning the before and after images, she wrote, “After One year. God will fulfil all your Dreams. God is faithful 7th April last year and 7th April this year.”

As the public weighs her personal and professional life, her messages of love and perseverance resonate with those who believe in the power of family and faith amidst the challenges of governance.

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