President William Ruto during Sunday’s roundtable interview with the media at the State House, stated that he is available and prepared to interact with the Kenyan youth on X space this coming Thursday or Friday.

This is in response to demands made by Kenyans, especially members of Generation Z, on a number of social media platforms that any talks with the government take place on X space.

The President stated he is prepared to talk about any concerns they may have during a roundtable interview with the media on Sunday.

“I am hearing that the young people are saying we don’t want a multisectoral forum, maybe we should have an engagement with the President on X. I am open to having an engagement with the young people on a forum they are comfortable with. If they want me to engage with them on X, I will be there,” he said.

” Either thursday or friday, i will be there. i want us to discuss taxation, unemployment, corruption and all issues,” he added.

In response to a call from disgruntled young Kenyans who felt let down by his administration, he made this statement, sparking a surge of demonstrations and online action against his leadership.

For the past two weeks, young people have been planning statewide demonstrations against the Finance Bill 2024, which Ruto eventually retracted in response to growing criticism.

The Head of State reaffirmed that he was aware of the difficulties faced by the young people and promised to fully address their concerns.

“I have young people in the house, and I know some of their concerns,” he said.

Youth have been using the X Space platform extensively lately to voice their worries about X Space and ask the president to take action.

It is yet unknown when the event day and the X Space session will take place.

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