Abel Mutua , famously known by his fans through his creative content creation as Mkurugenzi has again attracted netizens’ attention after saying that he and his wife can’t wait for their 13 year old daughter Stephanie Mumbua alias Mumbus to go to highs chool.

In an interview with SPM Buzz, the renown actor and comedian said that they have never enjoyed life as a couple, as their lovely daughter came into their lives when they were still young .

”Nitajibamba deadly, we unajua huyo mtoi alikam tukiwa 24 bana,” he jested.

He says that being parents at a young age has denied them the opportunity to enjoy youthfulness ,thus their excitement of knowing that they will finally enjoy going out and having fun.

”Hizi masherehe mmekuwa mkipiga hapa mi sijai piga,” he joked.

When asked if his wife feels the same way towards their daughter’s going away from home for studies, he said that she also can’t wait to have a glimpse of life of fewer responsibilities as she was only 23 when she gave birth to their bundle of joy.

”She cannot wait, sasa afadhali mimi nilikuwa 24,yeye alikuwa 23 bana,” Abel said.

The father of one however said that they will miss her when she is gone but they will know how to navigate through it when that time comes.

”For now wacha akwende,” he said.

The Trio family has been followed largely on their socials, attracting many netizens who enjoy their family episodes dabbed as the Wakurugenzi family on YouTube

The couple has been together for 15 years and have been serving as couple goals; inspiring people to have hope in finding true love.

The content creator has been celebrating bagging the Order of the Grand Warrior Award ,that he received on Jamhuri Day Tuesday 12th 2023 on top of being named among the top 100 Kenyans for the 3rd year in a row.


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