Popular YouTube Vlogger Nicholas Kioko has been giving women sleepless nights in the recent days.

Kioko has been captivating female fans on Instagram, because of his physical appearance and weight gain, in what some find attractive.

In one particular post, Kioko was advertising a leather dealer, and accidentally the pair of trouser he wore for the shoot clearly gave fans a glimpse of his private parts.

“Enyewe hii ingetoa twins juu weueh but nahumia Ashley,” read one comment and another said, ” Wambo must be a very happy woman.”


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While gracing the Wash Icon 4 premier on Monday night, his wife Wambo Ashley threatened to deal with women who were eyeing her husband.

“I will finish them, the wife is here,” she said in an interview and asked Kioko what else he would need now that he has her.

The digital journalist affirmed that she is enough for him, but also admitted that the women after him are very beautiful but he has never dared to approach any of them.

At the same time, he went on to reveal that men, including his close friends were chasing after Wambo.

“Her DM is crazy, my close  friends are also there. One day I will show you. Kuna mmoja alimuDM akamuambia achana na huyo jamaa kuja nikupeleke Zanzibar,” the father of two revealed.

Wambo however noted that she loves Kioko because he is a supportive dad who ensures that their kids’ needs are well taken care of, as well as his deep love for her among others qualities.

He also admitted that he corrected on his annoying habits that displeased Wambo previously, including living his personal items all over the house.



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