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Radio personality Natalie Githinji is requesting a seating with  president William Ruto to address the issue of endometriosis and how women living with it can be helped.

Githinji took on her Instagram page saying she would like would appreciate the chance of talking to the President and his deputy directly.

She shared her photos dated back three years while in hospital while she was undergoing treatment of this ‘monster’ desease.

“This was me 3 yrs ago. Endo eats you up hady unakaa skeleton walai. Anyway, this is my plea today. A letter to the gov’t,” she stated.

“Dear Gov’t, I’ll appreciate if I’m given a chance to just sit with the President of Kenya Hon. William Samoei Ruto and the Deputy President of Kenya Hon. Rigathi Gachagua and just have a talk on how women suffering from this monster can be helped to manage living with endometriosis.”

The young Radio presenter said she would also like the presence of people who understand about menstrual cycle. First lady Rachel Ruto and Pastor Dorcus Rigathi would best suit.

“I’d also appreciated the presence of the First Lady Rachel Ruto and Her Excellency Pastor Dr. Dorcas Rigathi as they are women and would understand all about periods and what we go through as women,” she added.


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Natalie Githinji urged her followers to help her reach statehouse by sharing the information and tagging Ruto and his deputy Gachagua.

“Please tag them as many times as you can and write ‘please give her a chance’ I’ll appreciate your support fam…. let’s do this together. Also share this post with as many friends as you can and kindly request them to help us tag tag and tag.”

Natalie is among those battling endometriosis.

Her plea comes after another media personality, Mary Njambi Koikai lost her life to the disease after fighting it for almost two decades.

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