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Famous Nigerian musician, Burna Boy, has further explained why he is not having a child of his own yet despite his age.

The musician has faced troubling allegations from his fans and haters that he is futile.

Burna Boy dispelled all rumours going around that he is not able to have a child. He said that having kids is a personal thing.

“So that’s just a personal thing, you know cause, I feel like my kids deserve better than I got, and I got both my mom and dad so… do you understand.” He clarified.

In the video, the award winner clarified that he does not have a child because he is not yet ready to be a better father.

In his reasoning, he wants to be able to give his children more love and care than one he received from his parents.

Burna Boy also admitted that he is receiving a lot of love from his both parents who are still alive.

“Why I don’t have kids yet, bro is because I don’t wanna have kids yet. Like have you seen my operation bro, have you seen my mom the way she loves me have you seen my dad the way he loves me. I know I can’t give that to no one right now; with the life I live,” he said.

“You fill me so… when I am settled and feel like I can be there for my children every day, every single day, every minute of every day, I am not having no kids. Let’s even say it’s true… let’s even say I couldn’t have children; you know there’s like IVF that I can do. So that’s even not true.”

Some of his fans agreed with him and here is what they had to say

aremooba_ – “No cap My advice to my single friends. Make kids when you are ready.”

_engineer.tina – “An international guy. He knows what it means to have parents in your life standing by you. I mean take a look at his love for his family.”

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