Comedian Mulamwah has shared an incident saw him get his first suspension while in school.

While sharing stories with his bestie and wife Ruth K during an evening stroll, the comedian revealed that the incident happened when he was in form 2.

According to him, one of the students soiled a prefect’s locker and books during games time, when no one else was in class.

“Those who arrived in class early were aware of the mess but they couldn’t inform some of us who came in late. So when you get to class with psyche, your name is written as a suspect. When you sit down is when you know what is happening,” he narrated.

“The funny thing is it wasn’t even in my class. I had just escorted my friend to borrow some notes. They wrote our names even that of a CU member. After all the names had been noted down, we were taken to the office. We were that night caned by 15 teachers until we bled. We were not guilty, they even made us pray under a mango tree but they still did didn’t know the culprit,” he added.

Mulamwah said that the teachers began narrowing down on the possible culprit. He however found himself on the wrong again because he had crossed paths with the prefect on the previous day.

“Hapo sasa ndio makosa ilinikuta because the previous day, huyo prefect alikuwa ametupatia punishment ya kuosha class yenye si yetu,” he said.

That is how Mulamwah found himself in the group of 22 students who were suspended because of the incident.

He was forced to lie to his dad that the school being sprayed because of bed bugs and that is why they had been send home.

“A week later, my dad received a call from school for me to report back. On returning to school I realised the culprit had been caught, and he was not among those who had been caned. I made some enquiries and found out that the guy had been paid Ksh200, to carry out the ‘task’,” Mulamwah said.



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