Mulamwah a popular comedian has elicited different reactions after taking his newlywed wife Ruth to the same holiday destination he took Sonnie during her expectant days.

The comedian shared a photo that quickly went viral depicting the two lovebirds at the Airport.

He hilariously alluded to Christina Shusho’s song ”shusha Nyavu” stating that the two had had a long year and were headed to Diani for their little vacation.

”Been a long year, time to unwind kidogo tukishusha nyavu na bestie. Tumeamua thingie diani kiasi” he wrote.

Things took a quick left turn after netizens noticed that the comedian was flying his wife to the same place he had been with his former lover.

Internet sleuths went to the archives and resurrected old photos of the comedian with his former lover Sonnie pictured in the same airport, headed to the same destination and with the lady heavily pregnant.

The controversy heightened after fans and haters alike noticed the graffiti wording on the comedian’s sweater.

The words”Been Here Before” were carefully printed in white on his black sweater increasing their conspicousnous.

Netizens flocked to the comment section to air out their opinions on the coincidences in the comedian’s relationship. Some lauded Mulamwah for treating both his women like queens during their 3rd trimesters while others pointed it out as a huge red flag that should make Ruth run to her heels.

”Na bestie hua anapenda viatu oversize ama ni mtoto hua anataka?”

”Ukiona chali yako anakupeleka mahali washaikua na ex jiulize maswali mingi sana.” netizens observed.

The comedian was involved in an on-and-off relationship with Sonnie which resulted in the birth of a beautiful girl whom Mulamwah has come forward and doubted her paternity.

They finally officially broke up with Mulamwah quickly moving on with his best friend before traditionally marrying her early this year.


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