In a dazzling display of success and style, Kenyan mugithi maestro Samidoh has made headlines once again, this time not with his soul-stirring melodies nor his never ending scandals with his two baby mamas  but with the acquisition of a prestigious Land Cruiser valued at an impressive Ksh 7 million.

On a post on his social media platforms, the musician Samuel Muchoki, showcased his latest purchase by posting the black prado he imported thanking the company that made it possible for him to acquire the luxurious land cruiser.

Fans and other entertainment industry celebrities have congratulated him acknowledging that he is a true hard worker. With His recent luxurious purchase, Samidoh only proved that Music pays and he has Money.

“Home of 4s by 4s,” he said.


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Samidoh rose to fame for his distinctive mugithi style, characterized by its use of traditional Kikuyu instruments and lyrical storytelling.

Samidoh’s music often addresses societal issues, love, and cultural themes, resonating with a broad audience. Some of his popular songs include “Murata,” “Wendo Wi Cama,” “Ndiri Mutwe Mwega,” and “Niwe Ndarathimiirwo.”

The controversial artist who has been involved with nominated senator Karen Nyamu, has been enjoying massive success in the mugithi industry and even pulling huge numbers of fans at his international concerts.

In a recent controversial happenings over the weekend, Karen Nyamu found herself at the center of attention once again as rumors swirled about her relationship with Mugithi star, Samidoh. Speculation ran rampant after videos surfaced of a woman alleged to be Samidoh’s side chick enjoying her time at the English Point Marina hotel in Mombasa, where Samidoh’s baby mama, Nyamu, was also staying.

Taking to social media, Nyamu swiftly addressed the allegations, vehemently denying that Samidoh was with his supposed side chick. She dismissed the videos as old, claiming they were from 2021, effectively refuting any recent rendezvous between Samidoh and another woman.

However, the drama didn’t stop there. Nyamu faced further scrutiny over the nature of her relationship with Samidoh, with some accusing her of forcing the romance and suggesting she should cut ties with the singer. Allegations also surfaced that Samidoh had left Nyamu feeling embarrassed and humiliated during their time in Mombasa.




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