Controversial Nominated senator Karen Nyamu is remaining steadfast in her quest to ban Aluta a wild partying trend which sees revelers party all night long until the sun rises.

Despite Insults and trolls  from the people online  Nyamu is maintaining her stand on the recent trend stating that it is  a dangerous pit for young people .

‘’Hii kitu ya Aluta mi napigana nayo,’’ she boldly stated in a video that she shared on her socials.

‘’Guys I know that I will make so many enemies na hii story ya Aluta lakini wazazi mtanishukuru baadaye,’’ she continued.

The mother of three stated that the fear of making enemies would not deter her from rallying support for the motion which she tabled before the senate vehemently on Thursday, November 30,2023.

’Mtanichukia lakini mtakuja kunishukuru.’’she forewarned

Contrary to the fans of the trend in question, the senator asserted that clubbing throughout the night was not the ultimate solution to their problems but rather a life wasting opportunity that would make them lose direction in life.

The mother of five added fuel to the fire by promising to start an investigation  based on finding out  where the young Aluta lovers get money from.

Acoording to Nyamu,  most were being funded by their rich partners and friends since they were a broke lot.

The senator however, highlighted that she was not directing her efforts to discourage this peculiar clubbing to everyone stating that her target audience was the younger people who have barely established themselves, or gotten meaningful directions pertaining to what they wanted to achieve in their lives.

She ended her now viral clip with a plea directed to the President, his deputy and the senate to support her in the quest of saving the youths from the menace.

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