Popular actress Jackie Matubia has been left intrigued by the striking resemblance between her and her youngest daughter Zendaya Nyambura.

The mother of two took to Instagram with a photo of her young self and that of her youngest daughter, and she was convinced that she gave birth to herself

“Msijaribu kusema sikujizaa,” she captioned the photos.

“Case closed,” she said in a separate story also implying that that was the end of discussion about who Zendaya got her looks from.

Zendaya recently turned a year older and her mother treated her to  a vacation at the coast, in the company of her friends, Terence and Milly Chebby. This was also when  the actress unveiled her daughter’s face after keeping fans waiting for too long.

A section of her fans however thought that the minor resembled her dad more and they didn’t shy from telling Jackie that.

“Hapa umechetucheza, ubebe miezi tisa atoke akifanana babake, any way we try again next year, ” a fan commented on one of the photos.

“When the relationship is not working halafu kanatokea kakikaa babake 99% babies can embarrass us women,” another said.

“Ulitoka bure huyu ni babake kabisa,” read another comment.


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