mr seed

Former gospel musician Mr Seed has been forced to apologize to his wife Nimo over his remarks on marriage and relationships.

Taking to his Insta stories, Mr Seed that he did not intend to hurt his wife’s feelings.

He also vowed to be cautious of his expressions moving forward.

“I apogize sincerely  for any unintended hurt my recent comments on marriage and relationships may have caused. I realize now my words did not align with with the respect I hold for you. Your feelings matter deeply to me and I am committed to being more thoughtful  in my expressions moving forward.”

He added that, “I value our relationship dearly and regret any discomfort my remarks may have brought to your any other person.”

Mr Seed’s apology comes after Nimo called him out for claiming that men are naturally polygamous. In her post, she said that the remarks were insensitive and had pissed her off.

“So I saw the snippet of the podcast done by Mr Seed, him saying whatever he was saying. I didn’t even finish watching it. I was pissed off. So I turned to him and asked, hizi sasa ni nini unasema surely. Next thing I said people must really think I am stupid! So he was like you should watch the whole podcast ati they picked only  that part so it could trend.

“What I want to say is whether it was for clout, it was an insensitive thing to say when you are clearly in a committed relationship,” the mother of one said.

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