There is hope in finding at least five people who went missing on Sunday after going to tour the titanic wreck at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

This is after underwater noises were detected near the titanic wreck. According to an internal memo from the US government, there is however no sign of the vessel that the tourists were using yet. It is believed that the vessel may have gotten stuck in the titanic wreckage.

However, the main worry is that the oxygen supply in the submersible is diminishing and it can only last them to Thursday morning. The vessel is designed  to have oxygen supply for 96 hours.

“The submarine is missing and the oxygen they have inside can only last them until tomorrow,(Thursday0 ” Man’s
NOT Barry Roux’ shared on twitter.

The missing tourists have been identified as;  British billionaire explorer Hamish Harding,Paul-Henri Nargeolet a French diver with decades of experience in exploring the Titanic,The Ocean Gate CEO and founder Stockton Rush and Shahzada Dawood and his son Sulaiman Dawood.

The vessel carrying them is said to belong to Ocean Gate tour firm which is a privately owned company that provides crewed submersible assets and expertise for commercial, research and military applications.

The firm OceanGate says it is exploring all possible options to obtain the crew home back safely with the government agencies having joined hands to ensure a successful rescue operation.

People have shared different reactions to the incident. Mfecane noted that life is unfair.

‘’Life is not fair. Some billionaires paid money for submarine titanic tour at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean which is about 4km deeper to go see the titanic wreckage. Some people are now paying a cent to go to the bottom of the same AtlanticOcean countless times to search to search for those who paid a quarter million who are now missing,” the twitter user wrote.

The search for the five people is still ongoing.


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