Jackie Matubia is set to launch her film titled Toxic. The series will premier on YouTube this Wednesday.

Jackie is the executive producer of the film and also the lead actress.

Her former best friend Milly Chebby was sought for a comment about the series and she said that she is alos looking forward to watching it.

“I am super  proud of Jackie. She is a phenomenal actress and I’ve always  told her that. She was born to shine on screen. Taking such a big step, stepping out of her comfort zone to pursue something she’s contemplated for years is commendable. I can’t wait to watch toxic,” Milly said.

The film will have 10 episodes and it focuses on telling Kenyan stories.

“We wiil be premiering the first Kenyan web series. Kenya haijawahikuwa na telenovela ya web series. It will be on my YouTube channel. It’s 10 episodes of an amazing story,” Jackie said.

According to her, toxic is about experiences that people have gone through.

“It is definitely about telling our story. As the Kenyan industry, we tend to take stories from other places, tunaadapt, we don’t tell our stories authentically. That why unakuta DM unaambiwa how did you deal with this, because we don’t tell our stories, we move on. I felt the urge of telling my story, your story, her story, everyone’s story in the sense that it is us going through going each and every step. It is a story for everyone and someone can relate,” she told Mungai Eve.

The mother of two also revealed that the late Charles Ouda wrote the first three episodes before his untimely death.

“I was like umeniacha, what was I going to do with this toxic. I am clueless. I remember it took me time to open the third episode because he sent it in the mornin(of the day he passed away) then we met at luchtime and now he was gone, the 3rd of February. He started writing on the first of Feb,” she recounted.

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