Former nominated senator Millicent Omanga has firmly denied allegations that she works for the government or is involved in ‘tenderpreneurship.’

Responding to the circulating rumors, Omanga clarified her professional standing and the source of her wealth through a public statement.

“I need to clear a misconception. I neither work for the gov nor am I a tenderpreneur in this gov,” Omanga asserted. She emphasized that she is a private businessperson and has never received any benefits from the government, in cash or kind.

“I’m a private person doing private business. Isitoshe, I’ve never benefited from this government either in cash or kind,” she added, to ensure that her point was clearly delivered.

Omanga also addressed questions about her luxury lifestyle, particularly regarding her ownership of a Ksh 40 million Range Rover. Responding to a question from Albert Ndege, who seamed to be suspicious of her association with the government when he asked her, “How did you manage to purchase a Range Rover worth Ksh 40 million, from which business we can also venture?”

Omanga clarified that the vehicle was a gift from her hubby.

“Wanted to make this clear! Ready to respond to all quizzes,” Omanga wrote, indicating her openness to further questions and scrutiny from to the public who linked his luxury life to working with the government.

Millicent Omanga, a prominent figure and business lady, has often been in the spotlight due to her high profile lifestyle. This has led to speculation about the sources of her wealth, especially in a political environment where allegations of corruption and misuse of public funds are common.

Omanga’s recent statements aim to dismiss these rumors of her working for the government and affirm her independence from any government-related financial benefits.

Her emphasis on transparency seeks to address public concerns and separate her private business activities from any government affiliations.

While the discourse continues, Omanga remains open to further inquiries from the public. This shows her willingness to maintain transparency about her personal and professional life.

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