Gossip master Ankali Ray reached out to Michelle Ntalami, days after she announced that she is now a born again Christian.

The Milele FM presenter was curious about whether Michelle has done a way with being androsexual, and if she would no longer date her female colleagues like before.

Androsexuality is ‘a sexual orientation describing one’s sexual attraction to men, males or masculinity, regardless of gender identity.’

“Nikuulize sasa hayo ya androsexual umeachana nayo kabisa, mambo ya kina Makena pia umeachana nayo?” Ankali question Michelle during a phonecall.

Michelle was however unwilling to share any details about her current sexual orientation after being saved. She only revealed that God showed her her mistake.

She further said that she wouldn’t engage in gossip as it is a sin.

“You have watched the testimony, let it bless you let it change your life and Mungu akubariki and one of the things that God does not like is gossip, umbea. I would urge you, just they way I did, to relook at your life when it comes to gossip. Umbea si mzuri. And I say this with love, you are my brother in christ. Even me the Lord showed me where I went wrong and one of the things, umbea, I don’t gossip, I never ever gossip and I do not gossip but I know you like that checxk your self and see wqhether you are right with the Lord,” the business woman told Ankali.

Ankali went ahead to question Michelle if she was thinking of becoming a pastor but she disconnected the call before he even finished his question.

In her testimony, Michelle narrated her encounter with God that turned around her life. According to her, the Lord showed her life since she was a young adult at about the age of 20

“The Lord showed me all the sins that I have ever done or committed since I was like in my twenties. He showed me clearly all the wrong paths that I took. All the wrong people that I associated with that led me to sin,” she said in  a YouTube video..

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