Betty Kyallo’s sister Mercy has revealed that she is engaged.

During the latest episode of the art of living that airs on KTN Home, the entrepreneur introduced her fiance Marvin Gichuru.

The two currently live together

“Hii nyumba iko na mwenyewe, ” she told the host Nailante Kenga as she welcomed her and introduced her man.

She went ahead to note that Marvin got her from her rural home.

“So he got me from uko ushago, Tigoni, to where I currently am in Nairobi. Hauwezi pata bwana huko ushago. Unless you want to wash clothes hivi (manually) Look we wanna be in the city, let’s enjoy a little,” Mercy said.

Despite being engaged, she doesn’t have an engagement ring. She said that their engagement was purely conversation.

“I know you have been looking for the ring, but nowhere to be seen. The engagement was pretty amazing. I won’t lie, it was mostly like a conversation. It’s not what you see on Instagram. Someone goes down and everybody *indicating cheering* no it was a conversation. I think you and I can go somewhere and I think we should make this.

“And I was like so there’s no ring? – in my head- I was like where’s the…but I also realized we put on lot of pressure and a lot of fake expectations. It’s unfair of you to ask your man to do it the way Kanye did so I felt in my heart to let him have the opportunity to do it the way he wants to do it. So I love it. So we are here,” she said.

Mercy further said that being in a relationship has helped her to become a better woman.

“It’s so crazy how this has come full circle. I’ve gained a few cheeks here and there. Why I feel happy. I don’t have to pretend to be someone else. I don’t have to pretend I know how to cook, I don’t have to pretend like I am a strong woman,” she said

“First of all, he doesn’t like me calling myself a strong woman. I do like it on myself, Im like no you are a baby girl, you are delicate, and I will take care of you, you know this is a partnership. you can be co-dependent, you don’t have to be super independent.

“So I feel like I can, for a very long time I had this masculine trait about me, which is independence, standing for yourself, but you know when you want a partner you can’t be all those things. You have to allow yourself to be smooth, soft, ” she added.





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