Digital creator Sadia has admitted that she is in a romantic relationship with Comedian and actor  Butita.

In an phone interview with Ankali Ray, she claimed that they love each other deeply. She also said that they don’t stay under the same roof as they are currently taking things slowly.

Sadia was however reluctant to reveal when she began dating Butita.

“Mbona mnachanganyikiwa? si ni mapenzi hayo. Mapenzi moto moto. Tunaendelea tu. Haijalishji tulianza lini bora tunapenda na tunaendelea,” she said.

“Maisha pole pole,” she further said when asked about living under the same roof.


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During International Women’s Day on Friday March 8, Butita failed to celebrate Sadia but on Saturday, he took to his Instagram account revealing that he lacked data bundles  hence the delay in celebrating her.

“Happy International Women’s Day @_itsjustsadia pole jana sikukua na bundles,” sparking lots of reactions among his followers.

Sadia’s admission about being in a romantic relationship with Butita however raises questions and doubts as she went viral for claiming that she has never dated any Kenyan man.

“Because I don’t think I can. I just know them too well,” she said in an interview previously.

The interviewer wanted to know what prevented her from dating Kenyan men and she said,  “Everything bad. Disloyalty and disrespect. In general, Kenyan men don’t respect women and are violent to women.”

A while back Butita also said that he has never been romantically involved with the model and it is just people who came up with the conclusion. The comedian said that he and Sadia are just business partners and friends.


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