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Queer content creator Jude Magambo aka Manzi Wa Meru  in a recent interview disclosed how much he misses the late Brian Chira who was also a digital creator and his close friend.

Manzi wa Meru  claimed that Chira is living in him. He said that if Chira was to appear right at the moment, he would hug him tightly.

He reveals that he is planning to go visit his grave in the coming week. He mentioned that the purpose of him visiting the graveyard is to say hi to the late Brian Chira.

“I will go and say hi to him and talk to him for 5 minutes and tell him that I miss him so much. I would wish him to come to my dreams. Since he was buried, I have never dreamt of him. I want to dream with him,” he said adding that people bashed him for connecting with the dead after getting a tattoo of Chira’s face.

“Amekufa lakini Chira is living in me of which hata akitokea hapa sahi am gonna go and hug him very tightly. Sometimes kwa nyumba am like si akuje tu hapa kwa bed. I wouldn’t run. I would always wish Chira’s ghost to come and tell me something,” he added.

Manzi wa Meru met  with Chira on TikTok and the duo became inseparable as they had established a strong friendship. They created unforgettable memories that still haunt him to this day.


Chira died after being involved in a road accident in March after leaving an entertainment joint.

Manzi wa Meru found a unique way to honour him, more than a month after his interment.Manzi wa Meru opted to tattoo Chira as a passionate expression of affection and rememberance.

The TikToker turned to social media to reveal the ink, which has Chira’s likeness and the day he died, March 16, 2023, carved on his back.

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