mali safi

Millicent Jepkorir AKA Marakwet daughter, has said that Kenyan DJ,s are taking advantage of her by using her Mali safi chito song in their mixes and uploading them on YouTube.

The single song has garnered over 7 million views on YouTube in the past 3 months alone. Mali safi chito became famous on TikTok when people started using it in their videos to show their beauty and doing other challenges.

Marakwet Daughter says that she owns the rights to the song. She however allowed DJs to use the song in mixes to be played in clubs and other events. She says that she went through a lot to make the song .

She explained that she put a lot of effort into making the song and as such, feels like the DJs are profiting off her hard work.

“DJs Heshimu kazi yangu, you are not allowed kuupload my music in your YouTube channel. Unajuachenye nilipitia ndo nikarecord hiyo wimbo? I have the rights. I own the rights it is registered. Do not upload my work on your YouTube channel. Piga sherehe, tumia song, furahia…pata ya event but not
YouTube, “she said in an interview with Tuko.

She made it clear that just one DJ incorporated the song into his YouTube mixes, though she refrained from disclosing his identity.

The singer’s declaration sparked responses from online users, the majority of whom expressed discontent with her comments.

@eligawa commented: someone tell her tuko kwa mzabibu sasa, yake imeboo

@kshaa said: I think this is where Mawalimu wa English used the saying, “pride comes before a
fall” while  @vdj-jones noted that, ” Lack of knowledge is a disease. Huyu hajui anything about music distribution…atapanda Mlima akitegea DJs wacheze songs zake. Ask Emma Jalamo..tabia ya kustrikema DJ.”

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