A bill has been tabled in the National Assembly seeking for male circumcision to be made mandatory but under supervision of trained medical personnel.

The act has been said to reduce incidents of HIV, HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

“Implementing mandatory male circumcision can lead to significant reduction in the incidence of HIV, HPV and other STDs thereby lowering health care costs associated with their treatment and long-term management. Moreover, a decline prevalence contributes to a healthier workforce, improved productivity and enhanced societal well-being,” reads the draft bill.

This bill was proposed by Mukurweini Member of Parliament (MP) John Kaguchia saying that it will help curb (STDs) in the country.

“The introduction of mandatory medically supervised male circumcision between birth and 18 years of age will contribute significantly to a healthier, safer and more prosperous society for all,” reads the bill. The bill states that there be banning of the traditional circumciser’s knife which is to be replaced with a medically approved cut and that every male shall pass through the rite of passage meaning that this will be moved from a cultural practice to a public health requirement. Mr. Kagucha clarified that it is only the cut which is medically performed, and that the community can continue with traditional ceremonies so that the culture is maintained but in a medically approved arrangement.

“This is good for the boys because it moves circumcision from a cultural practice to a medical requirement for those who don’t practice it as a cultural practice,” The Mp noted.

The bill continued to clarify that the act should be carried out with strict standards of hygiene and care.

“It is proposed that males be circumcised between birth and the age of 18, Medical professionals will be able to assess individual cases and ensure that those with specific health concerns are treated with appropriate caution,” the bill reads.


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