Former News Anchor Muthoni Mukiri has advised women to stop the habit of waiting for rich men to date them as a way of saving themselves from being broke.

The journalist challenged women that it’s time to start taking accountability of their financial state.

”Most Broke women don’t believe they are broke,” she began off. ”They think they are dating the wrong guy.”

Muthoni challenged women to stop relying on men for finances and start taking accountability of how their life is.

The mother of one attributed the habit of women looking for men to just savage their financial situations, to being the reason some jump from one married man to another to make a living.

”So you are waiting for someone to come and save you, for a stranger somewhere. So in the mean time you are jumping from one man to another in hook up sides doing the unthinkable to try to make a living,” she said.

She talked women out of thinking that the reason they are broke is because they have not met a rich man and challenged that when they give in to a man just because of their money, it makes them vulnerable to being exploited in the relationship.

”If someone can come to your life and save you, they are doing everything for you, then you start thinking that they are giving you something that you can’t give to yourself. You start treating them like a god. They start doing whatever they want with your body and whatever they want to you,” Muthoni advised.

The personal development coach finally challenged women to roll up their sleeves and make money for themselves this year.

”So 2024 is a year to grow up, make money my sister, it’s you that is broke,” she concluded.


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Netizens who came across this video, seemed to agree with her while some felt challenged.

Here are some of their comments:

”Hiii nayo ni ukweriii…Na Sisi madem wengine hatupedi ukweli,” @ni_ngesh commented.

”Wasichana msiraise standards set alarm ujitume,” @bablas shared her thought.
”This brain must be protected at all costs,” @thee_pluto reacted.
”Well put!! Most women will insult you coz you can’t afford what she herself (with her money/not given with bf) can’t. Sad!” @ogaobinna commented.

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