On Friday, businesswoman Betty Kyallo left men drooling over her after unleashing her vacation photos.

The former TV girl, her daughter and mother left for Mombasa to spend some quality time together after the Valentines day celebration.

In one particular photo, Betty was seated on the ground, a few steps from the swimming pool. She was wearing a red dress sleeveless dress and  view captivated many including Mike Sonko.

“Hio nyasi imemea poa sana,” the former governor reacted to her racy photo..

“Fertilizer muhimu sana,” Betty responded to him.

Another pointed out that, ” Body count yako inawezabuy mzinga.”

“Maybe ka-quarter,” she answered.

Following the comments, the mother of one took to her stories and said that people were so hungry. She admitted that many had flocked her DM.

“Lakini mko na njaa,” she said.

“My DM is too wild today. Y’all chill I wasn’t looking or lurking and no I can’t adopt a 23 year old bouncing baby boy. I am sorry please understand. I had fun with200,000 interactions but bruh it’s enough,” she added in a separate comment.

A separate post captured Betty and her mother engaged in a conversation

“Mum wakianza kuuliza zile maswali za pressure. What do you think she’s asking me in this pic,” she captioned the photos.

Reacting to the photo, some suggested that she was asking if she is yet to find someone to marry her. Others said that her mother wanted to know when she would be giving birth again.

“Mum alikuwa anuliza tu kama nilizima gas na pasi when we left home for Mombasa. You guys got issues,” she however clarified.

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