Football federation of Kenya is calling on fans across the nation to come in full force and cheer Kenya Women Under 17 team on Sunday.

The junior starlets are preparing to face Ethiopia in the second leg, after the first leg ended in a draw of 0-0 last week in Ethiopia.

The crucial match is scheduled to take place at Ulinzi sports complex in Langata starting from 3:pm. The junior starlets are on a mission to make history of becoming the first Kenyan team to secure a slot in FIFA world cup.

To boost support and ensuring fans come in large numbers FKF has waived all gate charges for that match, thus means fans are allowed to enter the stadium free of charge.

Gates are set to be opened at 9am. this initiative aims to rally the nation behind the junior starlets and showcase the growing support for women’s football in Kenya.

Furthermore, FKF has extended a warm invitation to all FKF affiliated clubs, schools and youth academies to come and cheer on the U17 girl’s team.

The aggregate winner from this encounter will face Burundi, who showcased their dominance with an astounding 18-0 victory over Djibouti, in the quest for a place at the 2024 U17 Women’s world cup which is scheduled to take place from October 16th to November 3 in Dominican republic.



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