Nominated senator Karen Nyamu finally met with rap sensation Ngesh ‘Kaveve Kazoze.’

Nyamu met with Ngesh on Tuesday and she has promised to pay for her video and audio recording.

“It was so good to meet NGESH  yesterday! you’re very talented and you’re a super star! I’m so honored to fund your first solo project audios and videos 100% na camera tifi ya kutesa hapa mneti,” Nyamu said.

Nyamu had earlier said that she was looking for her as she rapped along to her viral song.

“Ngesh aambiwe bebe ya kanairo anamtafuta. This is the kind of talent we must not watch as it goes. Ngeshtex ni dem wa maform na Karenzo ni wakili wa form collabo itaweza sana,” she said.

Ngesh recently begged Kenyans for help saying that she was broke. The rapper had gone back to hawking handbags just days after capturing the attention of Kenyans with her rapping skills.

“My main concern is securing funds for studio fees. I have already written songs, but I lack the finances to record them. I am almost on the verge of giving up. I am also appealing for assistance in acquiring a camera,” she narrates some of her biggest challenges,” she appealed for help.


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