Influencer and businessman Khalif Kairo says bribes of any amount cannot buy him as his problems are too many to be solved by even a billion shilling.

Kairo posted on his X account just after Kenyans started claiming some influencers were bought to host the President to engage with youths.

‘Mimi ukaniletea 5Million uninunue nacheka kwanza. Even one billion wouldn’t solve half of my current problems,” Kairo shared.

However, the car dealer has faced criticism from his post with many telling him ‘Every man has a price’ and that he is just lying.

“Now don’t lie to us, everyone has their breaking point. When you place yourself in a position to be talked to, you fold,” a fan commented.

Some even questioned his change of stunt on the ‘Occupy Statehouse’ that was to happen on Thursday 27th, July. They link him and other influencers with a possibility of being bribed before they advised people not to match to the Statehouse.

“Swali ni mbona mlitweet the same thing on the eve of the event (Wednesday night) , it doesn’t matter ata kama you can’t be bought new one trillion,” one follower asked.

Hanifa, an online activist has also been accused of having been paid to stop the protests to the statehouse on the same day.

The activist, on the eve of the planned protests, posted on her X account pleading with the youth not to match to the Statehouse.

She claimed Statehouse is a protected area and that she would not wish for more bloodshed.

Osama Otero, an online influencer who, together with Hussein Mohammed hosted the president on their X space is the recent one to face criticism.

Many people are calling him a traitor of the youth and some even say he might be paid to do give the President a platform to speak to the Gen Zs.

Hanifa had earlier warned that anyone who will host President Ruto will have been paid, and that no one should allow that.

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